Mambo Cms Development: Making Website Creation And Management An Easy Affair

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Formerly known as Mambo Open Source (MOS), Mambo is an open source content management system (CMS) and hence a free software. It is a multi-utility tool which is used for both creating as well as managing websites using a web interface. It has many user-friendly features and is easy to use. With Mambo around, you need not be a technical person to build and manage websites. Even a novice can use this CMS with very little help. And with all its ease to use, it comes across as a fully functional and fully featured solution which can be used for managing simple websites and big and complex corporate sites alike. Mambo CMS development has gained much popularity owing to its simple-to-use features.
Before going deeply into the technicalities of Mambo, lets have a fair idea of the functions of a CMS. The main function of a CMS is managing the content throughout its lifecycle starting from its creation to publishing of the content on the web. It enables an author to publish the content on the web without the help of a technical person. Rather than editing or adding a content by going into the HTML codes which is done by a technical person the CMS enables you to add, edit, or replace contents and also publish them on the web. This is true of not only text contents but also images and videos.
Now coming Mambo development, this CMS has not only managing and publishing features, it has also enables you to create websites. Mambo website design is a comparatively simple process involving a step-by-step procedure. Its advanced features include page caching, a fairly robust API, and advanced templating and Mambo web development techniques. Web indexing of static pages is also automated in Mambo. It also has a RSS feeds providing feature which enables you to share and distribute content. Other features include news flashes, forums, blogs, website searching, calendars, polls, printable versions of pages, and language internationalization.
Mambo uses PHP/MySQL and can be hosted not only on Unix and Linux, but also Windows and Macintosh OS X servers.

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