Cakephp Web Development- The Best Framework

This article is discovered by Avion Technology.Hardik,the author,has explained benefits of CakePHP very beautifully in this article.
Many of its critics are true at some extent. PHP has no defined structure or organization. This makes coders to express themselves free and haphazard ways and may happens dangerous ways like programming logic mixed with the presentation elements, inclusion of other source files anywhere in the codes, unwanted and often missed database connections, etc. These are some mistakes makes PHP code unmanaged.
New versions of PHP are gaining a gradual advancement. It evolves like other programming languages like C++ and Java by allowing Object Orient Programming and other elements in it. These all leads developers to think of developing some frame work for this inherently unstructured language to make it more viable and advance one.
Plenty of examples are available to draw an outline of the frame work for the PHP. They have their own set of rules, conventions, achievements and failures. Among them Ruby and Rails present a model which best fits and suitable for PHP to work like the other advanced languages like C++ and Java.

Among the many developers one developer had decided to borrow the structure and basic concepts from the Ruby and Rails and he was the founder of the CakePHP language. He finally borrowed structural concepts from the Rails. This made CakePHP different and most famous structure of the PHP.

Cake PHP development is based on MVC framework and MVC framework gives strict guarantee for the separation of the business logic to the data presentation layers.
Models are active representation of database tables. They can connect to your database and query it and save data to the database. Views can be described as template files that present their content to the user: variables, arrays and objects that are used in views are registered through a controller. Controllers contain the logic of your application. Each controller can offer different functionality; controllers retrieve and modify data by accessing database tables through models; and they register variables and objects, which can be used in views.
It is important to note that in order to correctly apply the MVC architecture, there must be no interaction between models and views: all the logic is handled by controllers.

Apart from MVC framework CakePHP 2.0 has some other features includes:

Like Rails, CakePHP makes it easier for the user to interface with the database with the active record pattern.
Compatible with PHP4 and PHP5
Code generation via Bake
Request dispatcher with custom URLs
Data sanitization
Security, session, and request handling components
Access control lists
Application scaffolding
Robust User Community
Integrated CRUD for database
Simplified querying
Website directory independent
In-built validation
Active Development of the Core Code

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