Recently Launched Websites

Avion Technology, Inc has successfully created and launched new websites recently.

1)  Fleurs-de-guerre

Category:       Corporate, Ecommerce

Technology:  Joomla

Features:   Fleurs-de-Guerre is an online gallery and e-commerce site that focuses on anti-war imagery. A mobile friendly website with PayPal payment gateway,  PayPal tax and shipping integration. It has a custom database that allows customizable product fields.


2)  Hatpicks

Category: Sports

Technology: PHP, Code Igniter

Features: Hatpicks allows users to run a hat pick office pool for the men’s college basketball tournament. Users can set up the group and site will do the rest. It’s a different kind of office pool. Instead of picking the winners of every game in the tournament, players randomly select a team or teams. If the college team user has selected wins the actual tournament, user will win his pool.


3)  BottleAndBarter

Category: Social Networking

Technology: Joomla

Features:  BottleandBarter is a website designed to enable homebrewers to connect with other homebrewers both locally and across the country by helping them show off their creations, improve their techniques, and share their beers and ciders. Built using Jomsocial and also has blog and is a custom design template.


4)  Cars2charities

Category: NGO/Non-profit organization

Technology: Joomla

Features: Cars2Chariteis is site whose mission is to help donors convert unneeded vehicles to cash that funds any charitable cause they choose -across the country and around the globe. A   Custom front and back end, custom design, donation forms, ability to keep records of donated cars, live chat with support admin


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