Avion Technology Feedback

Avion Technology was started as a moonlighting experience to help my room-mate and me make some extra money to party in New York. What started as a part-time experience has today blossomed into a business with 70 employees and an ever-increasing list of more than 50 clients.

Avion Technology’s first client was a neighbourhood ladies accessories maker. It was a static website built for a modest $500. Today, Avion Technology takes onboard multi-platform, multi-resource projects with ongoing project development. And all this in a span of 5 years only.

Today, Avion can lay a claim to a fantastic 98% project success rate- unheard of in both the software or the outsourcing industry. Sure, we have had one-odd project slip, most probablt because of variables out of our control. However, the numbers speak for themselves. What started as a one person operation a few years back is today on its way to becoming a 100 person development company. All this in a span of 5 years.  The reason is simple- we do not tolerate customer complaints. We have gone out of our way, and worked relentlessly to ensure that our projects are successful and clients are happy. A client’s complaints are taken very seriously, and our diligent development teams ensure that every issue/ every bug/ every change is successfully resolved/implemented. At Avion a customer is not merely a one-off deal, rather he is a partner in a promising future. This is precisely the reason why we have a policy of taking customer complaints so very seriously.

Speaking of complaints, I would like to proudly state here that Avion has even completed projects where the clients were unreasonable about the scope. Every web developer knows that along the way, you get that one client who is (1) himself unclear about the scope (2) keeps on changing his mind about the project, expecting you to do re-work for free, and (3) when all other methods of intimidation fail holds you hostage to threats of an online smear campaign. However, even in such cases, Avion Technology has worked through agencies like Better Business Bureau of Chicago and emerged triumphant every time. BBB has accorded Avion Technology  an A- rating. After doing more than 250 projects in 4 years, we had only 2 cases go to BBB and both those were resolved in Avion’s favour.  In both the situations, clients were asking for constant re-work on their project (for free, of course). They  were intimidating Avion by holding us hostage to the threat on an online smear campaign if we do not accept their massive scope creep. At that point, Avion Technology, in accordance with its operating principles, put its foot down and worked with BBB to resolve the matter. Our faith in ourselves was vindicated when both the cases were resolved in Avion’s favour.

But today is not the day to talk about the sour. It is a day to celebrate the sweet. Today is about our clients who made this journey rewarding. It is about the bouquets we received on the path. Below is a small celebration of all the kind words our clientele had for Avion Technology.

Yazooy.com- Raymond Dukes


Avion was quick to resolve issues, respond after contacted, and went out of their way to complete the tasks on time.  The project was completed professionally and on time. Avion Technology was very professional in making updates and outlining the project. Avion presented demos and scheduled conferences to accomodate my time.

Ielectrify- Sherice Jacob


Avion did a great job with a unique project. There was a bit of a language barrier and a good deal of clarifications had to be made, but all in all, I’m very pleased with the outcome and the code was well-written and well-documented.

Crash Victims Memorial Website- Dave Iverson

Company Name: Greer and Associates


Avion Technology has offered top-notch service so far. They came up with a plan to built exactly what I need, including all the features I requested. They have been prompt and courteous. Their specifications document was meticulous. And they have kept in constant communication with us. Dan at Avion Tech has kept in constant contact with me and has been very prompt and helpful. Avion Technology continues to do a good job at building the project to our specifications. They are very accommodating with changes and fast at testing and fixing bugs.

Design a Web site for a new Magazine- Matt and Jeff


Avion far exceeded our expectations. Great price, excellent quality product, and great customer service. We look forward to working with them as a partner going forward. Please feel free to contact our customer service department (address in on our site) if you need a reference for Avion.

Owner Best Gift Idea Ever, LLC- Ryan Martz


When I decided to add an e-commerce website to my existing business, I consulted a very good friend of mine who owned a web development company.  The type of site I was wanting to put together was complicated.  My friend offered to complete the front-end of the site for his “family rate”, which was extremely generous, but out of my price range.  I then decided to look into outsourcing my project and was referred to a website that pitted development companies and freelancers against each other.  I was presented with about 30 different offers for my project.  After much research, I decided to award the project to Avion Technologies.  I had never worked with a foreign company in this regard, so I was suspicious going in.

I was nervous about 2 major aspects:  sending over large amounts of money and the language barrier. Both fears were quickly put to rest.  It quickly became obvious that Avion was truly dedicated to making my experience great.  They were extremely diligent on making sure that I was 110% satisfied with the progress of the site.  What most amazed me is how they went above and beyond what our contract stipulated.  They would develop aspects of the site that I did not even think about and educated me on why they did them.  There was a language barrier, but nothing like I feared.  It was very easy to communicate with my team of developers.  The best part of my experience?  The bottom line.  Avion developed my site for 1/3 of the cost of my good friend projected.  Plus they built an entire back-end so that I can now upload information and change various information on my own, without paying a developer.  This has saved me a ridiculous amount of money in the short time I have had the site.  I wholeheartedly recommend Avion Technologies for your development needs.  They were, and continue to be, a pleasure to work with.

Insight Consulting Services- Peggy Morrow – President


My old web site was eight years old and very dated.  Using the same domain name, the new web site has generated more phone calls in two months than the old web site did in a year.  It has already paid for itself with new business.  Thanks to  Avion and his team for a great job!

PHP with motion with PayPal scripting Coal Akida


An extraordinary effort was given to our project which far exceeded our expectations of what a software program using php can do. We pushed the limits of the software developers to the wall, and the wall is still standing. OUTSTANDING !.

Service Address locater- Momino


We are very pleased with the work and level of support. We hope to work with Allen’s team again in the near future.



They completed the design of a website in full, to a high standard. I will certainly be using them again.


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