Benefits of Open Source Web Development

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Open source development is a buzzword in present market. There are some obvious advantages of opens ource software development over the proprietary software development. In this series we have analyze and depict the advantages in logical manner.

Opensource always favors quality as they do not see the marketing advantages by giving visible features. Generally open source developer is motivated by peer reviews therefore it has approval tendency from their peers. In compare to their counter parts in commercial software open source community attracts very bright and motivated developers, who are frequently unpaid yet very disciplined one. They are not part of corporate culture and do not always targeted higher salaries and wanted to move into management, so they are most experienced one in their respective industries.


In business environment users never think any changes in software until the job changes or more efficient process is discovered. They need some sort of stability to keep their operations
continue. Opensource provides this stability as there upgrades are optional not compulsory as in case of proprietary software where commercial vendors exerts pressure to frequently upgrade the software. They often use the tactics to move towards the new file format or withdraw the support of bug fixing in older versions. In use of open source, users are saved from isolation and victimization. Users are free to take upgrade or not. No indirect tactics force them to do it. In real world every business is changing and open source has to change to meet the changing requirement of the business so it changes but slowly and in favor of business not the vendors. There are less issues of version compatibility or the file format issues in open source.


Commercial vendors often claim their quality, security, freedom from backdoors, adherence to standards and flexibility in case of future changes. But who will audit their claims? Their paid auditors? Since there is no availability of source code these claims remains mere words only. In case of opensource there is complete Audit ability. Any one can conduct rigorous checking over the claims made by developers. In future there would be a standard practice to gauge the claims means complete auditability due to excessive use of open source. You can discover backdoor accounts, security threats, etc. with open source not in proprietary software.

It is free software means free from Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We can say that:
· It has possibly zero purchase price
· Opensource potentially no need to account for copies in use, reducing administrative overhead
· There is almost no or reduced need for regular upgrades so lower/nil upgrade fees and lower management costs
· It claims longer uptimes and reduced need for expensive systems administrators
· It has near-zero vulnerability to viruses eliminating need for virus checking, data loss and downtime
· Opensource has lower vulnerability to security breaches and hack attacks reducing systems administration load
· It has ability to prolong life of older hardware while retaining performance
· Better adherence to standards permits competition in the market, reducing vendor lock-in and consequent monopoly pricing
· Availability of source code provides greater continuity and security against o Financial collapse of vendors of key products

Flexibility and Freedom

Open source software offers flexibility for business at architectural level. You can do any changes to make it suitable for your business. There is no vendor lock constraint your attempt to work with other related products. No compatibility issue arises with open source web development. You can do freely internal data exchanges with other products. Open source offer freedom from single vendors you need not to worry if software vendors go out of business or decide to withdraw support of the particular product. You have source code in case of open source so you can mange your affairs by yourself. You can modify your software as per your need there is no need to ask the company to do it. You can allocate any developer to work on your software no body will bother it with open source development.

Support and Accountability

There are many companies which provide the support for a negligible amount in case of opensource and you can hire them for that reasons. However, no body is responsible when your software fails but your can get developer at reasonable cost for that purpose. There are big legal team is present for proprietary software vendors who saves them from legal hurdles and that team never let you to sue the vendors anyway.


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