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Recently Launched Websites

Avion Technology, Inc has successfully created and launched new websites recently.

1)  Fleurs-de-guerre

Category:       Corporate, Ecommerce

Technology:  Joomla

Features:   Fleurs-de-Guerre is an online gallery and e-commerce site that focuses on anti-war imagery. A mobile friendly website with PayPal payment gateway,  PayPal tax and shipping integration. It has a custom database that allows customizable product fields.


2)  Hatpicks

Category: Sports

Technology: PHP, Code Igniter

Features: Hatpicks allows users to run a hat pick office pool for the men’s college basketball tournament. Users can set up the group and site will do the rest. It’s a different kind of office pool. Instead of picking the winners of every game in the tournament, players randomly select a team or teams. If the college team user has selected wins the actual tournament, user will win his pool.


3)  BottleAndBarter

Category: Social Networking

Technology: Joomla

Features:  BottleandBarter is a website designed to enable homebrewers to connect with other homebrewers both locally and across the country by helping them show off their creations, improve their techniques, and share their beers and ciders. Built using Jomsocial and also has blog and is a custom design template.


4)  Cars2charities

Category: NGO/Non-profit organization

Technology: Joomla

Features: Cars2Chariteis is site whose mission is to help donors convert unneeded vehicles to cash that funds any charitable cause they choose -across the country and around the globe. A   Custom front and back end, custom design, donation forms, ability to keep records of donated cars, live chat with support admin


To see more, please feel free to visit our portfolio at:


Glorious 6 years and counting!!!

At Avion Technology, Inc, we believe in doing things innovatively. In last 6 years we have worked passionately on over 500 projects ranging from simple static website to very complex portals for small and medium businesses. Our experience is evident by our rank #1 on GURU in most web development technologies. We have a motivated team of 80-90 resources and we are pretty sincere about our work and have very strong work ethics.We work with clients in tandem to build custom solutions that leverage beautiful user-friendly designs, and open source technology such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal …etc

We have also started our in-house search engine optimization (SEO) division to help our clients to optimize their website to increase their business by a considerable amount through this service of ours. Search Engine Optimization typically includes keyword research and development, competitive analysis and industry benchmarking, backend coding optimization, website submissions to search engines, local business directories and article directories and reporting results. We strictly follow the white hat techniques of a SEO because the black hat techniques can get your website penalized. Nowadays SEO is very important in order to get proper competition for top placement in search engines.


Chaitanya S. (“Chet”) Tambe of Avion Technology was recognized as one of the “30 Most Talented Leaders’ at the Asia BPO Summit held at Taj Lands End, Mumbai, on February 14, 2013. This award was instituted to recognize and award the 30 most talented leaders within the Indian IT Industry.

We Have Moved to a New Office!

We are very excited to announce that we have recently moved to a new office at Golf Corporate Center in Arlington Heights, IL which one of the prime locations in Schaumburg. It has been an exciting six years for Avion and we look at this new location as the start of another chapter in our history.

Our aim is to go ‘beyond expectations’ in everything we do, create and deliver.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine is an internet-based tool that searches an index of documents for a particular term, phrase or text specified by the user.  It is commonly used to refer to large web-based search engines that search through billions of pages on the internet. Some of the popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask .etc.

Working of Search Engines:

Spider or crawler which is  component of Search Engine crawls the web to find new documents such as web pages or other documents typically by following hyperlinks from websites that are  already in their database. Search engines indexes the content usually text and code in these documents by adding it to their databases and then periodically updates this content. Search engines search their own databases when a user enters in a search field to find related documents. Search engines do not search web pages in real-time. Search engines rank the resulting documents using an algorithm by assigning various weights and ranking factors.

Search Engines Statistics (Global Market share, source-



What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. It is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via search results. It aims to improve rankings for relevant keywords in search results. SEO is set of methodologies that make it easier for search engines to find, index, categorize and rank web content.

Search engines are the biggest resources of your websites traffic. Higher traffic means more visitors. More visitors mean more customers and higher profit.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

  • 85% of Internet users find websites through search engines.
  • Searching on web is the most dominant form of online advertising.
  • Searching has grown vastly in past few years.
  • 90% of Internet users do not go past the top 30 search engine results.
  • SEO is among the most cost-effective ways of advertising now days.
  • SEO provides high, clear, measurable and long term Return on Investment.
  • It also increases brand visibility.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization can be achieved only by forming some of the SEO campaign. Search Engine Optimization is the only most beneficial and fruitful way of reaching the high profit margins by marketing on the web.

Integration of VirtueMart with Open ERP


OpenERP formerly known as TinyERP is an open source integrated Enterprise Resource Planning software. It is manufactured by OpenERP S.A. It is on par with lot of commercial software systems available in the market.  It can manage clients, quotes, invoices, warehousing, procurements and various other things that are helpful even for small companies.

In all there are more than 700 modules available. You can start with a few modules at start and then add others later on depending upon the business requirements. The standard modules of OpenERP includes-

Sales management, Purchasing, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management system Manufacturing, Accounting, Point of sale, Asset management, Human Resource Management

A general ERP structure is as shown below




VirtueMart is an open source e-commerce solution used together with a Content Management System (CMS) called Joomla. VirtueMart is written in PHP and it requires MySQL database environment for storage.

VirtueMart offers a lot of features. It supports an unlimited number of products and categories. As VirtueMart is an open source e-commerce solution all the application code is openly visible in PHP. This allows developers to view, update or customize the operation of shopping cart.

 Integration of VirtueMart with Open ERP

The Joomla Open ERP interface allows you to integrate VirtueMart with Open ERP. Basically this interface provides synchronization with VirtueMart. Users can order on the website and the orders will be automatically imported in Open ERP. You can export products, product categories, account taxes, stock level and create links between categories of product, taxes and languages. If a product has an image attached, it will send the image to Joomla website.

In short, it allows you to reorganize and automate the sales process from ordering of products online to the delivery and the invoicing.

At Avion Technology we have strong team of website designers, developers, analysts and strategists create websites that will contribute to achievement of business goals. We have expert developers in Joomla who can help you to integrate Joomla with Open ERP, ultimately helping you to manage your processes efficiently in turn leading to economic growth of the company.






Joomla SalesForce Integration

What is SalesForce?

SalesForce is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software which allows companies to focus on its customers as well as their budget at the same time.

It provides a complete view of your customers shared in real time with support from both management and marketing teams. It allows you to keep track of CRM database and close more deals. Salesforce CRM supports integration with well known tools like Microsoft Office and Outlook. It also provides fast, easy access online, offline or through mobile devices. Salesforce provides effective opportunity management and forecasting analytics tools. It offers unique analytics and invaluable access to small, medium and big picture with a single click. It helps executives to take big decisions based on the appropriate data.

What Is Joomla?

Joomla is free and open source content management system (CMS) which allows you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Joomla is written in PHP uses OOP (Object Oriented Programming) techniques and software design patterns. I t stores data in a MySQL database and include features such as RSS feeds, page caching, blogs, polls, search and support for language internationalization.

Joomla SalesForce Integration

There are various components available in Joomla which allows you to integrate Joomla with SalesForce .These components are as follows-

1) JoomForce

JoomForce is the Joomla and Salesforce CRM integration component. It allows you to capture your Lead or Contact in a simple manner. You have to just click on Synchronize button in Joomla to get all your SalesForce Leads or Contact Fields into your website and form is populated automatically.  Whatever the data or form filled up by customers in your website are directly inserted into SalesForce CRM.

Front End Features List-

Lead Form, Contact Form, Dynamic Display, Captcha Security

Back-End Features List-

Global Settings, Leads Fields Page, Contact Fields Page, Synchronization, Field Edit, Field Ordering, Preview

Multi-Language Support-

It supports Multilanguage as it is integrated with JoomFish component.

Lead Capturing-

Lead form in the front end allows you to capture your leads from the website to the SalesForce CRM. The leads submitted using this form in your website will be automatically updated in your SalesForce CRM leads module.

Contact Capturing-

Contact form in the front end allows you to capture your contacts from the website to SalesForce CRM. The contacts submitted using this form in your website will be automatically updated in your SalesForce CRM contact module.

2 ) RsForm Pro

It allows you to create RSFormPro forms including using custom Salesforce fields and send all captured information to Salesforce. Notifications can be sent by e-mail to administrators and to users, and each notification can be highly customized.

3) Leads Capture for Salesforce (JLeadsCapture)

Leads Capture plugin allows you to capture data (Name,Email) into Leads in Sales Force CRM when a contact information are submitted through Joomla  contact form. It is very easy to setup.

At Avion technology we have strong team of website designers, developers, analysts and strategists create web sites that will contribute to achievement of business goals. We have developers who are expert in Joomla which will help you to integrate Joomla with SalesForce, ultimately helping you to manage your customers in turn leading to economic growth of the company.







Advantages Of Android

As discussed in earlier blogs Android is an operating system based on Linux with a Java programming interface. It is an operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. It permits developers to write managed code in the Java language, managing the device by means of Google-developed Java libraries. There are number of other advantages of Android and you can read a few below.

Advantages of Android

  • The biggest advantage of Android is that it is an open source, integrated software platform.  Companies can release updates and revisions which users can download on their own.
  • The Android SDK (Software Development Kit) allows you to create your own apps. SDK includes a comprehensive set of development tools like debugger, libraries, handset emulator, sample code, documentation and tutorials. So if you get hands on an SDK, you can develop applications on your own for Android.
  • Android uses the standardized and open programming language Java. The emulator of the Android platform has a modern design and is easy to use.
  • The installation of whole environment to develop Android applications is possible on every operating system.
  • Android offers a relational database which is SQLite for data storage purposes. Android also has an integrated web browser which allows a PC like usage.
  • Association with Google has made it more powerful with Google Maps and Google Voice Apps.
  • Android allows developers to design applications for users based on their preferences. This provides the ability for users to have unique experiences tailored specifically for them. This is possible as Android OS is customizable.
  • There are numerous partners involved in Android which has led developers to create a standardized way of developing applications for users without botheration of the platform. This has also helped in defining documentation, procedures and application sharing.
  • As Android is an open platform it always tend to be far less expensive than other than conventional products. This has notified users about the decrease in cost as compared to other handhelds operating systems like Windows Mobile, Apple iOS and so on.
  • Android has encouraged innovation among the developers to innovate new applications from time to time for sustaining in competitive market.
  • Android does not differentiate between the phone’s core applications and third-party applications. They can all be built to have equal access to a phone’s capabilities providing users with a broad spectrum of applications and services.
  • Android has a low barrier to entry. There are less expensive licensing fees or development tools. It can be possible to develop applications without spending a dime.
  • Android applications can be distributed in number of ways, unlike other mobile OS platform. Android Market is a third-party application store where you can browse and download apps published by third-party developers, hosted on Android Market. There are several other third-party application stores. You can also create your own distribution channels.
  • There are more than 300,000 Apps available for Android in the market. This itself proves that popularity of Android is increasing among the people in the world.
  • The Android platform is the best mobile platform for inter-application and inter-process architectures.

These are the few advantages of Android. We can call this phenomenon “convergence” in the field of communication. This phenomenon doesn’t only pertain to technology; it can also pertain to other things.

Market Share of Android

According to latest report from Canalys ( Android is the top smartphone operating system in 2011. The details are as shown below-





Features of Android

There are several features of Android mobile operating system. We can say it is a monster. Android operating system is customizable, extensible and versatile. 

The most vital aspect that affects the success of any mobile operating system (OS) is advance features and Android OS is offering great features. These features are spreading the magic among Android developers/programmers as well as Android based hand-held users-

The top user-centric features of Android are as follows-

  1. Google Maps with turn-by-turn navigation- It offers turn-by-turn navigation. It works like a GPS unit which informs you when your next turn was coming up.
  2. Apps are try-before-you-buy- Android apps are try before you buy. That is user can try the applications before purchasing them.
  3. Removable Battery- Almost all of the Android devices have a removable battery. You can buy your own replacement battery and change it easily.
  4. Android is far more open than any other OS– Android allows apps interact with it on a core level.
  5. Most devices have expandable storage – With SD card support you can keep adding to phone’s storage abilities. It will help you to make room for your music and movies.
  6. Flash Support – Android OS support Flash. By this you have access to full web.
  7. Endless Sharing Options- Android will identify any app capable of sharing something and make it available to you.
  8. More widgets than you can handle – It allows lots of customization and placement of loads of widgets.
  9. A built-in Data Usage Monitor- These do what you would expect. Overall data is monitored, as is the data requested by each individual app, making it easy for you to see if a particular app is hogging all of your data. Also the total percentage of your data is being consumed by web surfing.

These are far from only few features found in Android. There are several other features of Android which makes it most popular platform in the market.

Android Market

Android Market is the online software store developed by Google for Android devices. An application program (“app”) called “Market” is preinstalled on most Android devices and allows users to browse and download apps published by third-party developers, hosted on Android Market.

Recent Releases

  • 2.3 Gingerbread  
  • 3.0 Honeycomb
  • 3.1 Honeycomb
  • 3.2 Honeycomb
  • 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich





Android Development

What is Android?

Android is an operating system based on Linux with a Java programming interface. It is an operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.  It is developed by Open Handset Alliance (OHA) which is led by Google. That is it is officially guided by OHA. In reality Google leads the project.

OHA is a consortium (association) of several companies to develop open standards for mobile devices. Member companies include Google, HTC, Sony, Dell, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, T-Mobile, Nvidia, and Wind River Systems.  These are only few members of all the total members of OHA.

Initially Android Inc. was founded in United States by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White in the year 2003. Later on in the year 2005 Google acquired Android Inc. This acquisition made Android Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Google Inc.

Android was built from the ground up with the explicit goal to be the first open, complete, and free platform created specifically for mobile devices.

Android has been available as open source since October 2008. Google opened the entire source code under an Apache License. With the Apache License, vendors are free to add proprietary extensions without submitting those back to the open source community.

The Android Platform

With Android’s breadth of capabilities, it would be easy to confuse it with a desktop operating system. Android is a layered environment built upon a foundation of the Linux kernel, and it includes rich functions. The UI subsystem includes:

  • Windows
  • Views
  • Widgets for displaying common elements such as edit boxes, lists, and drop-down lists

Android includes an embeddable browser built upon WebKit, the same open source browser engine powering the iPhone’s Mobile Safari browser.

Android boasts a healthy array of connectivity options, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and wireless data over a cellular connection (for example, GPRS, EDGE, and 3G). A popular technique in Android applications is to link to Google Maps to display an address directly within an application. Support for location-based services (such as GPS) and accelerometers is also available in the Android software stack, though not all Android devices are equipped with the required hardware. There is also camera support.

Historically, two areas where mobile applications have struggled to keep pace with their desktop counterparts are graphics/media, and data storage methods. Android addresses the graphics challenge with built-in support for 2-D and 3-D graphics, including the OpenGL library. The data-storage burden is eased because the Android platform includes the popular open source SQLite database. Figure below shows a simplified view of the Android software layers.



Application architecture

 Android runs atop a Linux kernel. Android applications are written in the Java programming language, and they run within a virtual machine (VM). It is important to note that the VM is not a JVM as you might expect, but is the Dalvik Virtual Machine, an open source technology. Each Android application runs within an instance of the Dalvik VM, which in turn resides within a Linux-kernel managed process, as shown below.








Liquid Web Design -Build it right and it will work on any container

One of the major challenges in web design is the need to make web pages that look good on a variety of –

  • browsers (Netscape, Internet Explorer, AOL, Web TV, Opera, Chrome etc.)
  • platforms(Mac or Windows)
  • screen resolutions(usually 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 pixels)
  • user preferences(window size, text size, color .etc)
  • hand held devices
  • no. of other variables

What you see is rarely what you get across all the blend of factors listed above. Hence, you must design your web pages with flexibility in mind. Some questions to ask:

  • What will happen if the font you use isn’t installed on the user’s computer?
  • What will happen if the default font size on the user’s computer is larger or smaller than the font you’re looking at?(this is one of the biggest Mac/PC differences)
  • What will happen if a user has a different screen resolution from the one you’re using?
  • What if a user doesn’t have the right plugin or has a very slow modem, has an old browser, or is otherwise “technology-impaired”?

The approach that will consider the above factors is Liquid Web Page Design. It is also called as Fluid/Flexible/Responsive web design.

What is Liquid Design?

The term “liquid” implies that a website should flow smoothly into whatever space it is given. If you use a high resolution monitor, this may mean that you need to resize your browser a little, which most people in that situation do. If you have a low resolution monitor, you will still see the information; it will just be a little more compact. Simply it can be said that the page flows easily to fit its “container”-the specific combination of browser, platform, screen resolution and user preferences and also looks good in all combinations.

The goal of liquid page design is not to find a way to make your page look the same across platforms, but to make it look excellent across platforms. Liquid design means that the web site adapts itself to the available space, the same way water takes the shape of the glass it is in.

A liquid design is one, like Wikipedia, where the design moves to flow content into the whole screen, or a portion of the screen, no matter what the size of the browser window. This layout type has gained mass popularity because it is the ultimate way of allowing the total opposite of a fixed layout where the content will simply take whatever space is available to it.

 Almost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website. It’s practically crucial- one design for the BlackBerry, another for the iPhone, the iPad, netbook, Kindle — and all screen resolutions must be compatible, too.  Liquid web design approach suggests that the design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

 The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries. As the user switches from their laptop to iPad, the website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities. In other words, the website should have the technology to automatically respond to the user’s preferences. This would eliminate the need for a different design and development phase for each new gadget in the market.

Is liquid design adequate for any web site?

In order to make a decision whether liquid design is suitable for a web site, factors such as type of content, structure, amount of information must be taken in consideration. Liquid design is ideal for sites with a lot of information. The flexibility of such sites increases readability.

Liquid design is entirely new way of thinking about design.




Empower Your Business Website Development With Joomla

This article is explored by Avion Technology. Amit,the author,explained Joomla advantages for web development.

Every business, whether large or small needs a website to reach global target market and of course having a website on the world wide web allows you to advertise your products and services all across the globe within less time span. A good business website not just attracts users but also turn a one-time visitor into a regular customer. Website development is a difficult and time consuming task and can also become very expensive at times.

To empower your business website development and save the high expense, the best way is to use the most powerful and easy to maintain website design software tool Joomla. Although this program is an open source code and does not require any price charge for using it, yet, businesses often complain that their website is not customized as per their demands and business requirements. This is where the work of an expert Joomla development company comes into the limelight.

Joomla cms experts from a reputed Joomla development company use Joomla CMS to develop both, simple and complex, business and standard websites. Along with that, they also assist you with Joomla Customization services needed by your organization and develop customized Joomla cms websites with necessary Joomla extensions. Hire Joomla developers to get professional services at reasonable prices.

Choosing Joomla for your business website not just empowers your website development but also gets you a website that is unique, user friendly, extremely attractive and easy to access and update and eventually you will become a pro at it and your target market will be happy and satisfied to find a site that is developed keeping them in mind!

Avion Technology, Inc.
Web design and development

Affiliate Site Builder: Why Is WordPress Best?

This article is discovered by Avion Technology.Lillea,the author, explained that how to use WordPress as an affiliate site builder.
It’s essential to use a good affiliate site builder if you are an affiliate marketer who is serious about making money. A good site builder will make site design and customization simple and fast so you can sell a variety of products and services and then change things around easily if need be.

WordPress, a free blogging platform, is the ideal ‘base’ for affiliate sites. WordPress sites have many advantages over traditional websites yet on the outside they can appear to be exactly the same!



2. It’s quick and easy to install on your site. If your host has something called CPanel with Fantastico, all the better.

3. It doesn’t take long to learn the basics of website design. WordPress is mostly WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) so little knowledge of HTML is needed.

4. It’s easy to create different kinds of sites with free or paid ‘themes’. WordPress themes change the overall look of your site with little more than a click of a button. By using different themes, you can create everything from simple squeeze pages to full-featured online store fairly easily.

5. It’s easy to add features and functions with free or paid ‘plugins’. Plugins are small pieces of code that will tell your WordPress blog to do a myriad of useful things so you don’t have to learn how to program them in, such as:

– cloaking affilate links
– tracking visitors
– adding audio and video
– rotating ads that you want to display
– adding more security to keep hackers out
– blocking spam

6. Search engines love WordPress blogs. Search engines like Google often index blogs more quickly than traditional websites because blogs tend to have a structure that search engines like, particularly if you update the content frequently.

7. Ever improving. WordPress’ creators have high standards. Improvements are frequent and worthwhile and always free. No need to ever pay for an upgrade!

For these reasons and many more, WordPress is the ideal affiliate site builder, offering numerous design options and features that would be more complex to set up with traditional web design software. If you are like most marketers, you would prefer to focus on making money online instead of fussing over design. Installing WordPress allows you to do exactly that – you can set up pro sites quickly and easily at a very low cost.

Avion Technology, Inc.
Web design and development

The Magic Of Joomla Modules In Social Networking

This article is explored by Avion Technology. Ron McNeil, an author, has enlightened the benefit of Joomla for Social networking.
Joomla is open source software so it is easily accessible by everyone and you can enjoy the Joomla experience. Since Joomla is constructed on technology that is open source, Joomla provides its users with more freedom then other scripts and software’s. You will find its design very well acquiescent. You can easily create a user profile and the profiles can be incorporated. You can easily generalize the profiles of the users by changing the advanced user options.

This gives the liberty to the users to personalize their profile page. They can either choose to show their profile to everyone or they can choose to show it to only their friends that they have added. Joomla is one of the most widely used content management system in the world. It is a very powerful tool which is designed specifically to develop very creative and unique websites in quick time and with minimum effort. Because it is very easy to make a website using Joomla, many people are turning towards using it.

Joomla assists the web developers to build websites that have powerful applications and features. Many users of Joomla have acknowledged the usefulness of this powerful tool as it is very efficient and is a great tool to build a social networking website. Joomla provides you with a lot of modules for developing social networking websites called Joomla social networking modules. You can easily find these Joomla social networking modules to enhance your social networking site.

The main idea behind developing your own personal social community is that you would be able to spread your business to audiences that have not already heard about your product. Joomla social networking site is a great way for you to get your business noticed and interact with your consumers. It makes it even easier if your hosting is provided by Joomla.

The best thing about Joomla social networking sites is that you can easily customize these websites to your needs and desires. It doesn’t require a great knowledge about computer and an IT expert for you to start working with Joomla social networking modules.

You can additionally find a lot of other complete extensions that are available that you can use to actually make your own networking website with a lot of advanced and complex features installed it by very easily using Joomla social networking modules. You can use features such as backing up your data from the website, expand user features, have the content translated and make URL’s that will help you get top ranks in search engines.

The component that does all this is known as a “Module” which lets you do all the tasks like you can display a calendar on your webpage or you can write your own code for Google ad sense and you can integrate that code with the already exiting Joomla code very easily using Joomla social networking modules.

If you are using Joomla then you will be able to develop a social networking website that will be completely unique. This uniqueness will help your business to get noticed as you can optimize your community to propagate your product to millions of people. Many different kinds of people will visit your community if it is attractive and interactive social community.

You will have experts, clients or your working colleagues joining your online Joomla social networking site if you have a community that is unique and good. It has become a lot easier to develop the applications and functions that used to be very difficult before the modules were created. You must have heard about the concept of blogging. You can easily perform this online function using the extensions that are provided with Joomla.

You can easily make a blog now and also you can easily make develop social networking sites using Joomla social networking extensions. You can find a lot of similar applications that will help you make the usage of the internet very easy. If you are planning to build a social networking site then you must probably be thinking about the pros and cons of using custom social network software instead of using commercial social network software.

When building a social networking site, you have to consider the advantages and the disadvantages that there may be when using a custom social network software and commercial social network software. Use software that lets you use Joomla social networking modules.

Avion Technology, Inc.
Web design and development

Cakephp Web Development- The Best Framework

This article is discovered by Avion Technology.Hardik,the author,has explained benefits of CakePHP very beautifully in this article.
Many of its critics are true at some extent. PHP has no defined structure or organization. This makes coders to express themselves free and haphazard ways and may happens dangerous ways like programming logic mixed with the presentation elements, inclusion of other source files anywhere in the codes, unwanted and often missed database connections, etc. These are some mistakes makes PHP code unmanaged.
New versions of PHP are gaining a gradual advancement. It evolves like other programming languages like C++ and Java by allowing Object Orient Programming and other elements in it. These all leads developers to think of developing some frame work for this inherently unstructured language to make it more viable and advance one.
Plenty of examples are available to draw an outline of the frame work for the PHP. They have their own set of rules, conventions, achievements and failures. Among them Ruby and Rails present a model which best fits and suitable for PHP to work like the other advanced languages like C++ and Java.

Among the many developers one developer had decided to borrow the structure and basic concepts from the Ruby and Rails and he was the founder of the CakePHP language. He finally borrowed structural concepts from the Rails. This made CakePHP different and most famous structure of the PHP.

Cake PHP development is based on MVC framework and MVC framework gives strict guarantee for the separation of the business logic to the data presentation layers.
Models are active representation of database tables. They can connect to your database and query it and save data to the database. Views can be described as template files that present their content to the user: variables, arrays and objects that are used in views are registered through a controller. Controllers contain the logic of your application. Each controller can offer different functionality; controllers retrieve and modify data by accessing database tables through models; and they register variables and objects, which can be used in views.
It is important to note that in order to correctly apply the MVC architecture, there must be no interaction between models and views: all the logic is handled by controllers.

Apart from MVC framework CakePHP 2.0 has some other features includes:

Like Rails, CakePHP makes it easier for the user to interface with the database with the active record pattern.
Compatible with PHP4 and PHP5
Code generation via Bake
Request dispatcher with custom URLs
Data sanitization
Security, session, and request handling components
Access control lists
Application scaffolding
Robust User Community
Integrated CRUD for database
Simplified querying
Website directory independent
In-built validation
Active Development of the Core Code

Avion Technology, Inc.
Web design and development

Cloud Computing Benefits Online Project Management

This article is explored by Avion Technology.Bryan,an author of this article,is relating the benefits of Cloud computing with Project management which is very informative and useful as well.
You can carry out online project management with cloud computing. Cloud based computing is a web program and computing structure, which is earning more reputation in today’s industry. The name Cloud means the online world or it is a graphic representation of network plans. Cloud online computing is needed for storage of files, videos, sharing data and so forth. It is a virtual machine which is employed by schools and several organizations. Many IT organizations and Communication organizations are applying cloud computing.

Purposes of Cloud Computer Applications: Cloud computers are needed to store, retrieve volume data. It is employed to create programs at higher speed and it is extremely reliable. The owner can store the data and material in different servers. You can find three forms of Cloud Computing models. They are I. A. S. (Infrastructure As Service), P. A. S. (Platform As Service) and S. A. S. (Software As Service).

Managed Service Providers (M. S. P.) which are one of the most well-known ones. M. S. P. Is utilized for scanning the malware in the electronic mail account. The crucial feature of Managed-Service-Provider is, it gives anti spam assistance. SaaS is SAS (Software As Service) which is widely-used among web professionals provides the functions via a web browser. Making use of SaaS an individual can create their own enterprise network.

Through Cloud based computing the owner can access his files all the time and from any region of the earth. It doesn’t call for any physical storage unit for storing files. The loss of info is virtually impossible.

It has several applications like instant messaging from IM systems, Photo bucket and Picture Hosting Platforms. Skype is one the vital apps for cloud computing. Many of the email applications like Gmail, yahoo and other e-mail applications are managed via S. A. A. S. Cloud applications.

Clouds can be purchased at cheaper price and it increases the PC’s memory. Cloud computing is easy to use and it could be used by anybody. It also supplies latest updates and assistance to the buyer at no cost. The setting up of cloud applications is a very straightforward task and it will not call for any servers.

Without a doubt, there is much to take into account in making use of cloud networking, whether it could be good for you and your site development company. So who makes use of such applications, and would they be suitable for you? Cloud application is good for web coders who need a stable platform for apps, but who would choose not to mess with the technological part of the application. Hence, the service gives programmers more room and ability to test programs, rather than being concerned about web servers.

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Joomla A Booming Open Content Management System

This article is explored by Avion Technology. Arvind , an author in this article has discussed about the Tips of content Management System Joomla.

Joomla is one of famous open source development platform due to its customizable capability, availability of variety of plugins and of course eCommerce solution acceptability. There are several reasons why Joomla development is given higher importance than any other software.

Language support
Joomla as an open source CMS many languages. In cases where you do not have English customers and readers, you need your site to be easily comprehensible to the target audience. Therefore if you have a CMS that extends to international languages, it boosts the number of visitors to your website development it easy for them to read the site in their preferred language. With just a click of the mouse, visitors can customize the settings and change the language.

As a user friendly interface, Joomla allows many people to work on the CMS at the same time. With its ease of use, there is not just one person who will be responsible to make changes or upload the content with someones permission. Proper training and accurate permissions will allow a person to work on the CMS and publish content in real time using a web browser.

User Authentication

As a professional CMS, Joomla has its own authentications marked by users. There are options of having many users who can access the site with their respective user name and password.

Choose from many templates
There are various templates to choose from to give your website the preferred look. In Joomla, a template displays all the pages and you can make changes in them as and when you want. To change the entire look of the site, all you need to do is make a click.

Use of extensions

This is the most important feature of Joomla that sets it apart from rest of the content management systems. Joomla allows extension use which means that with numerous extensions one can develop the site as they like without having the need of any other development. You just need to find and select the right extension.

Companies that aim success in the online world must consider the use of Joomla in their systems. It meets all the parameters of running successfully for an organization. Therefore, when you compare its features of creating applications, its functionality, performance as well as interactivity and user friendliness, Joomla proves to be 99.9% better than the rest in competition.

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Flippingbook Joomla Gallery

This article is explored by Avion Technology. Joe Flips, an author in this article have described about joomla component named FlippingBook Joomla Gallery.

We present you FlippingBook Joomla Gallery (Joomla 1.5 Component).
Most galleries and photo albums for Joomla CMS offer different effects and navigation options. Yet no matter how beautiful the effects and how convenient the navigation, they are merely photo albums, like thousands of others. We offer a totally new approach to creating galleries, photo albums, catalogs, and portfolios. FlippingBook creates a spectacular 3D effect of flipping pages. Its applications are boundless. Below are just a few key areas where this component will prove really useful.
* You are in a creative occupation and would like to show website visitors your portfolio… and do so in a really impressive and memorable way. Post your images on the pages of FlippingBook Joomla Gallery. Each page can have a different link that will take visitors to a detailed description of your work, your website, or a downloadable presentation.
* You sell merchandise or services and would like to improve their presentation. Post images of your merchandise and brief descriptions on the pages of the book. In this case page links can serve to direct visitors to the ordering page or reference manuals. Using SWF files as book pages gives you additional functionality – animation, any number of links, interactive elements, and the like.
* Your company publishes a magazine, or your customers are accustomed to seeing your printed catalog. In this case our component is indispensable. Your customers will be able to see a new issue of your magazine, catalog, or presentation without leaving their homes. A click on the page opens an enlarged image of the catalog page.
* You simply need to present your photo album in an unusual way. All you need to do is post your photos on the pages of FlippingBook Joomla Gallery, and they will make a lasting impression on your visitors. Visitors can enlarge your photos for a detailed view or enjoy them in slideshow mode.
FlippingBook Joomla Gallery has been developed specifically for Joomla CMS and can be installed in the same way you install other components. Ease of configuration and a user-friendly interface allow installing and using the component without any special skills. Even novice Joomla users will have no trouble creating a book of their own. Still, if you face any difficulties during installation or configuration, our technical support service is always there to come to your rescue.

Recently more and more users are choosing Joomla 1.5. Scores of component have already been developed for this new revolutionary version of the system. We choose it as the most promising and reliable system. FlippingBook Joomla Gallery has been developed specifically for this version of the system and does not require legacy mode to be enabled.
Our customers have suggested many new functions for our component, and we will try to implement all of them through continued enhancements. Future versions will come with greater functionality and more styles. Stay with us and keep an eye out for updates.

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WordPress Goldmine-3 Reasons To Sterr Clear Of This Internet Marketing Program

This article is explored by Avion Technology. Terry , an author is this article have explained us about Uses of WordPress Goldmine programme .

WordPress Goldmine is an internet marketing programme created by an English guy, Mark Thompson, who has been making a living online through blogs for the last 4 years.Unlike many programmes of a similar nature his does not promise that you will get rich quick or make $10,000 next month by throwing up a few ill conceived blogs that die a quick death.

Mark’s programme involves setting up a series of blogs and marketing and selling products, physical and electronic, in various nices. The only way to generate sales online is to firstly generate traffic.And the method that Worpress Goldmine encourages and employs is through the use of article marketing.When this works, and it does, you develop sustainable long term traffic through ranking well in the search engines, particularly Google, which likes ezine articles and ranks them very well as it provides a steady stream of unique content for Google, which is what Google loves.

Reason 1

Uniquelly this programme involves not just a downloadable ebook packed with the tips and resources which Mark has employed in his successful online business but you get lifetime membership of his forum where he provides an enormous amount of videos and follow up question answering.

The forum is incredibly active and helpful with people of varying levels of experience chipping in with their experience and information on various tools that they have used in their online businesses.

So why not buy? Because I want it to be kept a secret.Because of the understated sales page and hype free approach to his product WordPress Goldmine has stayed under the radar compared to many other hype driven programmes promising you a fortune by next month/week.

Reason 2

This programme will involve work if you consider writing short and to the point articles of about 300 words work. It is not a get rich quick method but it is clear that it works and when you consider that all of the traffic you get from employing these methods is free traffic and it will be sustainable long term traffic as a result of ranking well on the search engines then it is a no brainer. But no you will not get rich overnight and yes you will build long term sustainable businesses..lots of them which will be pretty much maintenance free.

Mark’s programme tells you in step by step detail how employ this strategy, how to write the most effective articles and how to market and promote your blogs properly.

Reason 3

Google’s AdWords and the other pay per click programmes won’t love you. Because you won’t be spending/wasting money getting instant quick unsustainable spikes of traffic which disappears like snow off a ditch as soon as you stop spending.

In summary I guess the most important reason I would ask you not to buy is that I and others like me don’t want the whole world and his uncle discovering that there is a way to build a successful online business..not just yet anyway.

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Premium Drupal Themes For Drupal-hosted Web Sites

This article is explored by Avion Technology. Brigette Botkin, an author in this article have mentioned about the drupal premium themes.

If you are a dynamic web site developer, passionate small business owner, or expert project director, you recognize how competitive it has become to differentiate your online presence. Gone are the days of writing out HTML code for a basic homepage with stock photos and a simple shopping cart feature. Utilizing a content management system (CMS) for a website not only ensures a professional aesthetic and user-friendly navigability but also provides concise management and optimization tools for ranking well in the search engines.

The content management system, Drupal, is rapidly growing in popularity due to its low adoption barrier for non-technical users, widely supportive community, and the continuous additions of custom themes and modules, giving every Drupal-powered web site a distinct look and feel. Emerging from the widely supportive Drupal community is TopNotchThemes, who provides flexible, functional, professional themes, designs, additional development, support and maintenance exclusively for Drupal-hosted websites. With TopNotchThemes, you can instantly buy and download a ready-to-launch, premium Drupal theme that will take your site from default to dynamite in a matter of minutes.

TopNotchThemes currently offers three Acquia Drupal exclusive premium themes called Acquia Marina, Acquia Slate, and Acquia Prosper. All these advanced themes were developed by TopNotchThemes in partnership with Acquia for their commercially-supported Drupal distribution. These themes are released under the GPL license and is free to use on and modify for any site.

Acquia Marina features icons for core and Views blocks, graphical bullets, and a floating right sidebar inline in content. It also includes styled error and status messages, styling for inline login block in header and footer menus, and dozens of theme settings to customize your site.

Acquia Slate features a custom front page layout and regions with translucent menu overlay, rounded corner blocks and flexible, cross-over browser graphical buttons. Slate also sports an easy-to-replace banner photo with a custom local.css file, styled error and status messages, styling for inline login block header and header/footer menus, and dozens of theme settings to customize your site.

Acquia Prosper is an advance theme with a monochromatic look and clean lines. It is designed as an Ubercart e-commerce theme but is extremely flexible for any type of site. This theme is a subtheme of the Fusion core base theme and both are required for installation of Prosper. If you are using the Ubercart e-commerce suite, this theme has tons of features to enhance your site. It features a custom product template and styling, custom icons for your shopping cart, custom styling for product subcategory links in catalog, themed catalog grid views, and custom theming of cart and checkout pages.

All TopNotchs themes are thoroughly cross-browser tested with a wide variety of content and Drupal modules and allow easy adjustment of author/date display, taxonomy, breadcrumbs, mission statements, and SEO features. TopNotchThemes work with all kinds of site types: blogs, e-commerce, news, informational, media-based, and social/community. They are an Acquia Partner Gold Member and are helping carry the Drupal torch for your web sites success. Visit for more premium Drupal themes today.

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Mambo Cms Development: Making Website Creation And Management An Easy Affair

This article is explored by Avion Technology. Jack Davison, an author in this article have described about Mambo CMS.

Formerly known as Mambo Open Source (MOS), Mambo is an open source content management system (CMS) and hence a free software. It is a multi-utility tool which is used for both creating as well as managing websites using a web interface. It has many user-friendly features and is easy to use. With Mambo around, you need not be a technical person to build and manage websites. Even a novice can use this CMS with very little help. And with all its ease to use, it comes across as a fully functional and fully featured solution which can be used for managing simple websites and big and complex corporate sites alike. Mambo CMS development has gained much popularity owing to its simple-to-use features.
Before going deeply into the technicalities of Mambo, lets have a fair idea of the functions of a CMS. The main function of a CMS is managing the content throughout its lifecycle starting from its creation to publishing of the content on the web. It enables an author to publish the content on the web without the help of a technical person. Rather than editing or adding a content by going into the HTML codes which is done by a technical person the CMS enables you to add, edit, or replace contents and also publish them on the web. This is true of not only text contents but also images and videos.
Now coming Mambo development, this CMS has not only managing and publishing features, it has also enables you to create websites. Mambo website design is a comparatively simple process involving a step-by-step procedure. Its advanced features include page caching, a fairly robust API, and advanced templating and Mambo web development techniques. Web indexing of static pages is also automated in Mambo. It also has a RSS feeds providing feature which enables you to share and distribute content. Other features include news flashes, forums, blogs, website searching, calendars, polls, printable versions of pages, and language internationalization.
Mambo uses PHP/MySQL and can be hosted not only on Unix and Linux, but also Windows and Macintosh OS X servers.

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ThemeShift–Delirium — Premium WordPress Theme

This article is explored by Avion Technology. Copbell Wilmala, an author in this artcile have described about wordpress premium theme name Delirium.

ThemeShift–Delirium — Premium WordPress Theme
Theme Name: Delirium
Top quality WordPress Themes: Of course!
Copyright: ThemeShift
Designed: Simon Rimkus
DeliriumIs url:
Column:One column、2 columns
Sidebar:Left Sidebar、Right Sidebar
Thickness:Fixed Width
Golf widget Ready: Yes
Other functions:Flickr Integration、Gravatar Ready、jQuery Integration、Options Page、Rounded Corner、Threaded Comments Ready、Twitter Prepared Delirium WordPress Theme Delirium is often a dark-style personal blog style. The cool, revolutionary design, the substantial layout options along wi the clean, well-organized code help it become blindingly easy to set up your current professional personal website.

ThemeShift Features
Comprehensive ThemeShift administrator panel
4 colour pallette options
Custom format options (left as well as centred alignment, 1- or 2-column microfiche, sidebar left or right)
Optional jQuery fashion switcher on the front end
deLirium tailor made widgets (about, feedback, flickr, newsletter, twitting)
Nested widget sidebars (standard, post, categories, web page, home page)
Customizable showcased content slider (with elective featured ribbon)
Easy to customize home page posts (products, category or latest)
Muli-level dropdown menu (optionally don’t include home, pages and also categories)
Header teaser (simply on home as well as on all internet pages, can be replace by simply category description as well as custom fields)
Custom-made footer section (widgets as well as about me textual content and social backlinks)
WordPress 2.9+ article thumbnails
Threaded comments
Web site templates (subpages, full size)
WordPress gallery
Fancy lightbox wordpress plugin built-in
Search and remarks form validation
Cascading stylesheet styles for WP-PageNavi wordpress tool activate and you’re completed
Included PSD files: emblem.psd, ribbon.psd

Featured Articles Slider
Easliy add posts or/and web pages to the content slider about the home page with a custom made field called slider. The look in the slider can be for this post/page or open a graphic or evem a video (Vimeo/Youtube) inside a lightbox.

Cutomizable Home Page
The home web page content is up to a person. It can be widgets (much like the custom Features Container widgets in this case) as well as recent posts. It is possible to display any noise page or a report on pages (like item page).

4 Pallettes
deVision comes with 4 various color schemes. Please select your preferred color involving red, green, orange and grey. You are able to optionally display a new jQuery style switcher on the front to let your own visitor select their own color scheme.

Key Shortcode
To produce buttons like you notice in the header section or read more button inside blog section you may use the deVision button smallcodes which has a number of options.

Article Thumbnails
Of course deVision offer the new WordPress publish thumbnail feature. In addition you can pick between 3 thumbnail dimensions for each post (modest, medium, large) together with one simple click.

Your home page, the sidebar along with the footer are easy-customizable through icons. The sidebar and the footer are generally nested widgets regions. You can create bass speaker widget areas regarding home page, category internet pages,single posts as well as static pages.

Include your custom picture ribbon to the article thumbnail of any web page using a custom discipline named ribbon along with your ribbon text because the value of this custom made field.

deVision Image Gallery
Your deVision theme makes it deceased easy to add a graphic gallery to your post or even page entry without the plugin. The gallery pictures will be linked to the full-sized view that uncovers in a neat lightbox.

jQuery Lightbox
deVision has a built-in jQuery lightbox plugin to properly showcase your photographs or even videos. All you’ve got to do is include the rel=”prettyPhoto” to the website link that you want to open within the lightbox.

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Flash Intro Animation Makes Your Site Feel More Interactive

This article is explored by Avion Technology. Acedezines, an author in this article have explained about the importance of flash integration into website.

Flash Intros, Flash Presentations, Flash Design Nothing can makes your site feel more interactive and alive than Flash. We hope the flash animations from our Flash intros portfolio will not only encourage you, but also reassure you of our creative talents.
Flash Intros animation help in communicate the message in a visually attractive way and in building the interest and curiosity among the users. It is the fastest growing web design technology available. A flash intros animated can add production and excitement to a site and is typically placed on the sites splash/ opening page. Flash intros animation help to create rich internet content and application with a better presentation and user navigation. It has the ability to enhance the website.
Flash Intro Banner Maker is a Flash authoring tool to help you create Flash intro, Flash banner, Flash slideshow and e-cards with ease. There is no need for understanding of Flash development studio and Action scripts, all you need is to input texts and select from pre-made customizable background effects and text animation effects. The properties of text are customizable, counting font manner, size, width and height scale, transparency, rotation, border, or fill style.
Flash Intros and Banner Builder is the ultimate Flash text effect tool to help web designers create animated Flash intros and Flash banners in the popular SWF file format, which can be used in any website and viewed in the Adobe Flash Player.
Let loose the Strength of 3D Flash Intro Templates
there are frequent websites that are used for delivering website content to the target visitors over the Internet. Some of these sites are the ones that can insert static images while others have flash animation. There are many flash intro sites that incorporate pretty as well as impressive graphics.

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Should All Business Become open-source?

This article is explored by Avion Technology. David Bryan, an author in this article briefed us about  open source business model.

Lots of us have benefited from the practices that today are called open source. In fact anyone who drives a car or is driven in a car should read a little history on open-source to realise how they are just one of the beneficiaries of individuals and organisations sharing their knowledge and product development.

More specifically, the practice of open source and its products in software development has allowed web developers, marketeers, web and graphic designers, copywriters and SEO professionals to sell their services to an expanding market of businesses and not-for-profits. And in case the market for websites was dwindling and the unit price spiralling downwards, suddenly there is a whole raft of social media software and associated plug-ins that we advise companies of all sizes about at the right price.

Im not just pointing the finger at the marketing or media sectors. Many businesses have benefited from open-source software from its dedicated but profitless developers, and are getting attractive websites with exceptional functions at a fraction of the cost they would pay for proprietorial licensed software.

My concern is that while we have been willing to reap the benefits of open source practices, it has had little impact on the way we do business at all. Im not suggesting we all start giving away our products and services but I am saying we use the open source model as a guide to developing new business practices.

Why do we need to change? We face an environmental and economic background that I think makes the change essential. Old style competitive practices have resulted in wholesale environmental damage throughout the world. We can literally no longer afford the duplication of resources and waste that old-style capitalism bought. In an increasingly global market our business practices influence the whole world; co-operation needs to be as important as competition.

Ironically or perhaps it was always intended open source software development has, I think, provided one of the main tools for developing an open source business practice. Social media and networking can provide the methods for developing new ways of working indeed they already are.

I think these are some of the ways we can start to change and encourage our clients to do the same:
More collaboration
Its not always necessary to compete for work some projects cry out for a pooling of skills, experience and development. Social networking can start to build trusted networks between organisations traditionally seen as rivals and project management software enables completely transparent co-operation. Work with other competitors when ordering materials etc. there will be cost benefits and less waste.
Learning to share
Open source developers are a great model for us to see how sharing can benefit everyone: new software, new ideas, new practices. We need to welcome input from others outside of our organisation but that involves sharing them at a much earlier stage. Peer review is an established scientific practice but considered economic suicide for businesses.

Real best practice
We like to think we share best practice but we often hedge by removing client details, costs and specific financial details that can make the practices meaningless. We need to learn that the more we reveal, the better for us all in the long run.
Greater transparency
Business often operates like a kid in an exam we cover our work in case someone copies it. Lets move towards greater transparency. Blogging, new media, webinars and webcasts will allow us to share our work on a daily indeed hourly basis creating a platform for a community of like-minded intelligent experts to contribute towards an improved outcome.

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Reasons Why You Choose Drupal for your Website

This article is explored by Avion Technology.

Drupal is one of the few content management system which earned considerably good reputation and large user base in short span of time. Drupal’s success is not by chance but it really packs some of the great features that provide you with all the things required to do for creating a successful website. No matter, you want to create a Corporate web site, community portals, discussion sites, Intranet applications, personal websites, eCommerce applications, resource directories, social networking sites, Drupal is happy to help you on everything!!! The Drupal system is composed of a number of “modules” which allows you to quickly go through and turn on and off different options that you want your site to have. Below you will see only few from the huge sea of reasons supporting the fact that why you use Drupal for your website:

  • The Admin Panel: The administrative panel is quite rich in features. It is the main driver which controls all the aspects and functionality of Drupal.

    — Creating forms with a specific type of functionality in Drupal is quite easy. For developers, Drupal has a very well constructed and documented forms API. Like this, there is webform module which allows the site admins to create forms alongwith any options very easily.

    — There is something called ”Drupal Filter” which is again quite amazing. It’s function is to filter all your content that comes from forms so as it keeps your website secure from the various kinds of attacks.

    — The Drupal search feature that is in-built is just about as solid and functional as a web site search feature gets.

    — The Cache feature of Drupal allows for very large and high traffic sites to cut down the number of database queries. It is interesting to note that websites with high number of queries delays the crawling of the website, specifically more when website drives high traffic. With Drupal, there is a built in caching feature that will essentially store all the data from the “rendered” page into the database. This will change the number of queries from 1,000 to 1 which will improve performance considerably.

    — The rigid and clean coding structure of Drupal makes it a secure system.

    Drupal websites are supposed to be more usable and accessible.

  • Web 2.0 Features: Since already mentioned, that you can create social networking sites, community portals with Drupal as it contain many web 2.0 features.

    — The users base functionality area is quite flexible in this case. It allows them to register themselves and become part of your site. With this, the interaction on the website becomes two way as users or readers can also contribute in the form of new content, comments, feedback and so on.

    — You can assign specific permissions to the users based on their roles like administrators, moderators, editors etc.

    — With Drupal, you can create forums and communities and hold discussions in the form of threads, comments, amongst members of the community.

    — RSS feed has become so popular that now, it counts in the effective ways to market blogs/websites. We cannot deny the fact that it has become a good source for people to collect data from a number of web sites into one place for being upto date or mere for reading purpose. Drupal has in-built functionality to create feeds of the content.

  • Scalability: Often you find it difficult to extend your CMS features onto the other systems, but it is never the case with Dupal. Drupal has extensive and amazing scalability factor. The coding of Drupal does a great job for handling the customization.
  • Enhance Search Engine Friendliness: Drupal has certain features that enhances SEO of the website in the following ways:

    — Every node you create on Drupal will have the node title as the title that appears in both the title tag and in the main heading tag of your theme. This title tag is very important if you look from SEO point of view. So if you have selected a well-researched title, it can go amazingly a long way to make your search rankings better.

    — Drupal has in built functionality to allow users to create a clean URL by ‘Pathauto module’ which can be based on number of factors like custom keywords rich title and others.

    — Drupal relies on CSS when it comes to theming aspect. This allows for the elimination of unnecessary cluttering of HTML coding hence facilitates better indexing of the content.

  • Themes: The theming pattern of the Drupal is very much structured and composite. Broadly speaking, it has 3 parts: Page, Nodes, and Blocks. The page part handles the basic theming, look and feel of the website. Node handles all the content part and Blocks handles the other features like widgets, comments moderations, and so on like these. All this, helps a lot in good custom website design.

The Conclusion of the discussion goes like this…

Drupal provides high end solutions to almost all kinds of websites patterns, portals, forums, communities that you want to create. With its long range spectrum of modules, it allows for better customization, scalability, security, usability and accessibility. So the next time, you think of creating a website, you can give a thought of making it on Drupal and let you or your client experience the difference.

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A Presentation Of WordPress Plugins

This article is explored by Avion Technology. Rubina Baig, an author in this artcile have presented about wordpress plugins.

WordPress is an astonishing CMS system of rules that’s celebrated as its flexible for not simply a blogging program, but a program for those who are plainly looking for to release article based internet site* to the web. It’s because this cause that utilization of WordPress accept rocketed all over the speedy some years, because such as, a really active agent profession has consecrated the program abide through development what would have got to cost the greatest directory of plugins for an exclusive program in history.

Thus, what are plugins? WordPress plugins are elementary script or software product that strains the functionality by the WordPress program more than what the master developers from the program accept chose on It for the cause that the CMS is rather new, and passes just primary functionality specified producing posts, pages, and editing primary write in code.

A plugin is commonly installed thru the connect disposal domain in WordPress, and put up either follow acted mechanically by the plugins directory hosted through WordPress, or could as well comprise acted manually thru file transfer protocol, or thru an upload in the rear of WordPress. In almost showcases, you’ll never require putting in a plugin manually; even so, for the accessibility from bounty plugins is surfacing importantly, this is coming about increasingly.

At that place are deuce plugin characters that you’ll much expect find one. Freely usable plugins, and premium plugins. Free plugins are commonly ready as a group inward the WordPress plugins directory, and are searchable supported adjust keywords and standards, yet premium plugins are commonly accessible thru their personal market or browsing drag. Unneeded to state, the demand to give for a plugin commonly countenances additional functionality such for code fine-tunes, conception from knockoff WordPress installations, and so upon, mostly, functionality that surpasses its personal price importantly.

Plugins could translate WordPress nearly into its possess apart schemes. For example, at that place are a lot premium browsing drag and rank internet site plugins that testament translate WordPress of a web log to a paid up by free rank internet site. A few will too translate the installing into a gross revenue letter with a defrayment portal site, and additional plugins will extend a good deal less complicated functionality such as admin extension, multiethnic media data link*, and knockoff wordpress accompaniment charges for your personal protection.

To find began, plainly come in the plugins field inside your WordPress admin field, and choice “impart fresh”. In this field, you’ll be able to search plugins, and their functionality promote, and above all, you will be capable to try out on other plugins and find an appreciation from these bright functionality that lies in within WordPress.

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WordPress Themes Brings Back The Spirit Of Blogging

This article is explored by Avion Technology. Lisa Denson, an author in this article have given information about wordpress themes.

Premium wordpress themes with beautiful faces really had brought back the real spirit of blogging. There are several wordpress theme designers and developers in the world to add beauty and functional features to your website.

You can go for premium wordpress themes, premium wordpress plugins, premium joomla templates, oscommerce templates, ecommerce templates, magento themes are more to increase the performance of your website. Most of the theme providers bring you exclusive collection of themes to select from. You can go through the same and can select one which suit your unique blogging or business needs. Premium wordpress themes add beauty to blogging. This easily attracts countless people towards your websites and keeps them tight with you.

There are several factors to consider while selecting your wordpress theme provider. The most important factor to consider is the experience. They should have incredible experience in the world of wordpress and joomla theme designing and developing. Only an experienced wordpress theme provider can bring the attractive faces of themes to arrest the eyes and hearts of present generation. Themes should be simple, attractive and effective. It should have the ability to drag the attention of the people within the first look itself.

Other important factors to consider are affordability and reliability. Since there are several theme providers to bring you the best in premium wordpress themes, premium wordpress plugins, premium joomla templates, ecommerce templates, oscommerce templates and magento themes, you can select the right provider who can assure quality service on affordable rates. There is no need for you to spend for poor service and to wait for a long time to get your word press themes. themesandmods is one of the best providers or quality premium wordpress themes, premium wordpress plugins and premium joomla wordpress themes at affordable rates. The site really knows the value of time and hence provides quality service within in committed time.

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Open Source Cms Customization For High Ranking Websites

This article is explored by Avion Technology. Stela Robinson, an author in this article gives a brief introduction of open source content management.

Content is the King and this is true to all the websites online. Content is one thing that can actually decide heavily the fate of your website while search engines index your site. It is no secret that search engines love text over any other thing like the images, Flash and any other fancy decorations used in the websites. This is why all of those websites that are content rich are higher in the search results. So in order to get your website to rank high you need Open Source CMS Customization.

Using an open source CMS customization has its own benefits other than what a good content provides. First and foremost, its a free platform having a huge supporting community that works for its betterment all the time. The source codes are available and so you can use it for your own purpose, change it a little bit and create something new from that too. The community that supports it is actually working to improve it all the time and so all the bugs are rectified immediately and whatever updates comes are genuine.

There are various options in CMS like WrodPress, Joomla, Drupal etc and they all allow for robust and efficient website development. But using the default templates from these platforms that are available online might not give you the desired results. You you need to stand out in the crowd of unlimited websites so as to make sure you are visible to your clients and create your own identity. This is where Open Source CMS Customization works well for you.

So when you go for Open Source CMS Customization there are very good chances that of getting good ranking on the search engines. CMS allows you to have any kind of content update with least amount fuss. You can work on all the aspects of the website and transform it to a good looking, efficiently performing and easy and friendly usage.

Other benefits of Open Source CMS Customization services:

Cost-Effective Customization & Migration
Fast Development process
Openly available software
Specific needs can be fulfilled
Enhanced portability and vendor neutrality
Highly Scalable
Huge support and code available

So if you have a need to build a website that scores highly in performance, scalable, cost effective and easy to maintain then you should go for Open Source CMS Customization and avail all the benefits and get a website is search engine friendly.

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Joomla Website Migration A Wise Decision

This article is explored by Avion Technology.Marshal Rosy, an author in this article have stated us about how joomla migration is important for the business.

There are websites which do not render their services up to the expectations of their owners. Especially in case of CMS websites. For instance WordPress has some limitations to manage content. Same story is about Drupal, you can not develop full fledge website with Drupal as you do in case of Joomla therefore you need to migrate such websites in to Joomla which is the award winning CMS and best CMS on the planet.

If you take decision to migrate and make Joomla website it is really a wise step taken by you. You will get all benefits/advantages of Joomla with this migration. The biggest advantage of Joomla migration is that it is free of cost you need to pay only development charges for it because it is opensource and need no license fees at all. There is no initial cost involved in Joomla migration.

Another advantages of Joomla migration is that its add-ons. Over 2000 plug-ins found in Joomla where as there are limited add-ons are available for WordPress or Drupal. You can greatly extend its functionality by this add-ons. This modules are real magic for Joomla website that boost their inherent capacities and results into fabulous website development by Joomla migration.

Maintenance of website is a critical issue for non-Joomla websites. You need website developers every time you go to update your website. Without scripting knowledge you can not maintain your non-Joomla website. While in case of Joomla you can easily manage your website without prior knowledge of scripting or technical know-how. So Joomla site can be manage by anyone who simply deal with Microsoft Word so maintained a Joomla website is not a big problem.

Localization of website is growing trends in the internet market. Therefore support of your local language is become a issue for modern websites. Joomla solve this problem. You can save localization of your site with Joomla migration because Joomla support your local language and this kind of property is available with very few CMS.

Joomla migration offer easy update of your websites. Joomla offer easy content management so you need not to depend on developers of graphic designer for up-gradation of your website when you migrate to Joomla. You should only have to know the tricks of Joomla designing and it is very easy thing to get mastery.

With Joomla migration you can avail of multiple user authentication as Joomla offer multiple user authentication facilities for their end users. Many users can log on simultaneously on the website and perform their work without any hassle.

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Movement In The Mobile Application Market

This article is explored by Avion Technology . Alan L Smith , an author in this article has introduce the smart phones .

The mobile application market has suddenly exploded with exponential increase in the number of smart phones sold. The popularity of smart phones is increasing just because of the features that can be added through downloading the applications.

Local Search and updates:
The technology based on location has brought great changes in the world of mobile applications. The information about the location can now be used to send customized and important alerts and updates. Currently there are very few services and applications that that support the localized experiences, but the near future is projected to be very bright.

Services such as Foursquare, loopt, and Gowalla are based on location and help the users know whether their friends are in the neighborhood. Not only this, but these applications also reveal the offers available in their locality.

Integrating with cloud services:
Companies such as and Dropbox are providing APIs. There are many applications that take advantage of this and build applications for accessing the files and cloud storage.

This means that when a note or document is composed on an iPad or iPhone, the document is retrievable on BlackBerry, laptop, desktop and Android device and edited too. To store the files, the Dropbox has become the default place.

QuickShot is a photo application that stores the photo directly in the Dropbox without any mediation.

The current trend is in the mobile applications to make the accessibility of data on different platforms.

The developers can discover better ways of data use through the tools for cloud storage.

Easy Access to Social Networking websites:
The connection of the Facebook and Twitter to the mobile application is not new. What is surprising is the growth of the companies using OAuth. This implies that adding support to the social networking sites has become easier for the developers.

The applications for sharing the photos over a wide variety of targets tend to be very famous. Even private applications like Path have realized the importance of permitting data posing on different networks.

Camera Apps that Face front:
Nowadays any tablet or smartphone needs to have two cameras instead of one. Usually one phone is in the front and the other one is on the back of camera.

This allows the user to have his/her photo in the real time. The support of video chat can also be integrated.

Videos and Photo Filters:
The applications for photo sharing have become very popular, especially in the later part of 2010. Among all the categories of mobile applications, photography has become the most popular. The smart phones have become the most famous cameras. Before the images are shared they can be filtered and special effects can be added.

The applications feature the tilt shift effect. The built-in filters of the application make the image more attractive and lively.

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How to Plan a Successful Website Redesign

This article is explored by Avion Technology. Andrew Follett ,an author in this article you will learn Four essential steps in successfully planning your next website.

Website redesigns have become an addiction. Every year or two, Marketing decides it’s due time to “freshen up the ol’ site.” And so begins the long, expensive process of recreating a website.

Unfortunately, businesses rarely take the proper approach to a website redesign, resulting in a project that goes over budget, launches late, and fails to deliver results.

So before you go out and hire a Web designer and developer to rebuild the most important weapon in your marketing arsenal, make sure you have a well-defined plan for success.

Do You Really Need Another Redesign?

It seems an obvious question, but too many times the reasons for embarking on a redesign are less than convincing. Here are just a few…

‘m sick of looking at the same website every day!

Using the same website day after day can get tiresome, but keep in mind that many, if not most, of your visitors don’t see your site every day. So although it may seem to you that it’s time for a change, your visitors are likely just starting to get used to your website.

It can take years for visitors to begin to associate your Web design with your brand and get comfortable with the layout and navigation.

We received a customer complaint!

Sometimes the decision for a redesign is a knee-jerk reaction. A customer or boss complains about a “serious” issue with the website that needs to be addressed immediately. The marketing team takes it as a cue to revamp the website.

Despite its good intentions, Marketing must realize that complaints are inevitable. You can’t make everyone happy. In some cases, the problem may be serious and should be addressed, but rarely does it necessitate a full-scale redesign. Instead, look for consistent complaint patterns, and simple ways to fix “serious” problems.

The decision to redesign should always be based on a specific business objective related to the bottom line. With some creative planning, you can often improve usability and conversion rates by making minor adjustments, avoiding the time and cost of a redesign.

Developing a Website Redesign Plan

If you decide that a redesign is still the way to go, be sure to dedicate sufficient time and resources to developing a clear, specific plan. A detailed plan will help keep your project on track, avoiding costly changes and strategy realignments after the new site is live.

Start developing a plan by collecting feedback on your website from customers and experts.

1. Get feedback from your customers

Customers have a unique perspective on your website, and they can offer valuable insights to help you create a user-friendly experience. Unlike you and your team, customers are more removed from your website, which allows them to quickly uncover usability issues and points of confusion.

Recommended Tools:

* Kampyle: A virtual suggestion box, Kampyle allows you to collect feedback from your visitors, including suggestions and bug reports, using an on-site feedback form. Analyze results using dashboards and reports, and even respond to visitor inquiries. Alternatives are Flash Feedback and UserVoice.
* 4Q Survey: This free pop-up survey solution helps you figure out why visitors are on your website and whether they are able to do what they need to do. You can also try ForeSee Results.

2. Get feedback from professionals

It’s also important to solicit feedback from independent professionals who can offer specific recommendations. Although customers are good at pointing out problems, most customer feedback is based on personal preferences and fails to offer solutions. Even your internal team, which may consist of seasoned marketing professionals, may be too close to the project to identify the vital issues related to your website performance.

Experts can help direct your redesign by providing time-tested advice based on Web design, usability, and strategy principles. Though art may be subjective, Web design is not. In Web design, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach layout, navigation, copy, white space, and other critical website components.

Trained professionals can ensure that you have the right plan in place before implementing a redesign, as well as help you avoid a “design by committee” situation within your company.

Recommended Tools:

* Concept Feedback: Instead of hiring expensive consultants, or putting all of your trust in your Web designer, Concept Feedback (a company I founded) offers fast, affordable website evaluations from Web design, usability, strategy, and copy experts. Also take a look at Site Tuners.
* Though its users are not considered “professionals,” provides video of people completing predefined tasks on your website. It’s a quick way to find out where users are getting stuck. Alternatives are

Feedback Army and ClickTale.

Once you’ve collected enough customer and expert feedback on your current website, compile and prioritize a list of recommendations to be included in the redesign specification. Not every suggestion will be appropriate, or even possible, but make sure the critical ones are included.

3. Create a detailed specification document

With the prioritized recommendations in hand, start developing a detailed project-specification document. It should include as much detail as possible, including the proposed site structure, wireframe sketches, page content (using a cohesive keyword strategy), design preferences (style, color, and examples), and any other relevant information.

If your requirement list starts to exceed the original scope, begin breaking the spec into multiple phases. A well-defined spec is integral to an efficient, cost-effective, and on-time project. And your Web design and development team will love you for it.

4. Determine measurable objectives

Your company should agree on clear, measurable objectives before launching a new website. A redesign without measurable impact is ultimately a failure.

Goals should be based on current site performance, using average conversion rates as a benchmark (if you don’t have this kind of data, start using Google Analytics today). Defining objectives also forces you to think critically about the redesign from a business perspective, and how you plan to contribute to the bottom line.

The next time you get an itch to do a redesign, take a close look at your objectives, and don’t start anything without a plan in place.

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How to Rebrand a 10-Year-Old Company in Six Weeks

This article is excerpted from an INgage Networks eBook written by Kristi Grigsby, Kathy Saenz, Darek Hys, Nicky Weston, and Courtney Wiley. In this article you will learn the steps to bracing yourself for an effective, fast-paced rebranding.

Establish your brand platform

Building a solid brand platform is like building the ark. Every piece—no matter how big or small—matters if you want to come out on top.

The experience itself was important because the exercise helped us understand how we wanted to be branded and how best to convey that message both internally and externally. What we were really accomplishing (without knowing it) was the foundation for all of our future marketing.

How did we do it? Here are the five pillars that helped us create our new identity:

1. Core Identity. This is the central, timeless essence of your brand that is unlikely to change as your company explores new business services and markets.
2. Extended Identity. This pillar encompasses distinct and meaningful associations that you wish to have attached to your brand. Know your external audience, and then decide the most important things they need to know about you.
3. Brand Promise. The brand promise is a statement you make to customers that identifies what they should expect for all interactions with your people, products, services, and company—a statement of what your brand is committed to doing and being.
4. Positioning Statement. Your brand’s positioning statement provides guidance and key messages, explaining “who” the company is and what it does. Take a step back and think about an “elevator pitch” that everyone—from the intern to the CEO—can articulate.
5. Brand Personality. Think of it in these terms: If your brand were a person, what adjectives would you use to describe him or her? Intelligent, considerate, authentic, successful, creative?

Include employees

Remain transparent and allow your company to be part of the rebranding effort. It might be hard on a few people to have a young and vibrant marketing team come in and transform the brand—and likely an unwelcome surprise for most to walk into work on a Monday and learn that the name of their company has been changed.

Involve employees in the development of the new name. In our case, we invited employees to submit suggestions for a new name.

Keep employees apprised of your progress. We used our internal employee newsletter to provide weekly recaps of accomplishments and plans for the coming week, which helped to establish realistic expectations, minimize obstacles, and provide advance notice when we needed help.

Host workshops as part of the rollout. We reserved one hour of time to create excitement and distribute promotional items (food always helps, too!).

Make sure you have a good story

Much thought was put into the new name. So I suggest doing what we did:

* Put together a short video explaining the rebrand. Make it funny. Interview your CEO or CMO and some employees. Get their take on camera.
* Create a blog post that gives a more personal take on the rebrand than one would find in your official announcement.
* Begin the transition to the name in subtle ways, prior to the official announcement. We linked to a Q&A page (which included the video and blog links), anticipating questions that our audience would have: why, what’s the name mean, have you been acquired, is the management team intact—all questions that naturally arise. By addressing those questions head on, we left no room for assumptions to fuel the rumor mill.

So, you see, whatever your story is, tell it! Make it mean something to the world. Defend your new name, knowing that it’s the next chapter in your company’s story.

Navigate the tangled web

Whenever you’re rebranding your Web marketing in six weeks—with an ambitious scope and super-short schedule—you’d better be prepared for surprises.

One wrong character in the 1,000-line programming code can cause your entire page to crash; your database could fail due to a poorly written SQL statement; Google might not like your new ad and delay publishing by a week. We experienced all of that (and so much more).

And most important, “plan to plan”—make sure that you have your plan ready as early as possible. I would also recommend using project management software, such as MS Project, Daptiv, or Basecamp, to increase productivity and streamline communication with your project team.

All’s well that ends well

Did things go off without a hitch? No.

Was it hard? Brutal at times.

Do we have some lasting battle scars? Probably.

But we did manage to come through on the other side with our sanity intact and gratified that we’d accomplished the unthinkable: a successful rebranding of a decade-old company in just 42 days.