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Learn How A SEO Services Chicago Can Help Your Website

If you run an online business your website is one of your most important assets and the best SEO services Chicago has to offer can make a huge difference. They offer professional Web design that is customized to your business needs. Here are just a few of the many benefits that you can receive.

Your company will attract the right kind of traffic once you have a professional looking website. It is very easy to tell who has used cheap web page templates to make their site and who has hired a professional service. People want to do business with seasoned professionals and are more likely to place an order from an impressive website.

A well designed site is simple and easy to navigate. This is vital if you want your visitors to feel comfortable. All departments are clearly marked and once someone uses your search box they will find the products or services that they seek. If this does not happen, these people will leave your site and look for something easier to use.

The finest website design is of little to no value if your visitors cannot find you. That is why it is essential to hire a top search engine optimization company. Your site will list high in the search engines because it will contain the right keywords. You also will have ways to link back to your site from your blog and other sources.

Few people know everything there is to know about marketing a business and designing a great website. These things are best left to a professional service with experience. This gives you the best chances to succeed in business.

Perhaps you have a special promotion in mind. The best SEO services Chicago has to offer can provide you with an attractive and appealing landing page. You also have help with advertising and you will receive a website to be proud of.

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Glorious 6 years and counting!!!

At Avion Technology, Inc, we believe in doing things innovatively. In last 6 years we have worked passionately on over 500 projects ranging from simple static website to very complex portals for small and medium businesses. Our experience is evident by our rank #1 on GURU in most web development technologies. We have a motivated team of 80-90 resources and we are pretty sincere about our work and have very strong work ethics.We work with clients in tandem to build custom solutions that leverage beautiful user-friendly designs, and open source technology such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal …etc

We have also started our in-house search engine optimization (SEO) division to help our clients to optimize their website to increase their business by a considerable amount through this service of ours. Search Engine Optimization typically includes keyword research and development, competitive analysis and industry benchmarking, backend coding optimization, website submissions to search engines, local business directories and article directories and reporting results. We strictly follow the white hat techniques of a SEO because the black hat techniques can get your website penalized. Nowadays SEO is very important in order to get proper competition for top placement in search engines.


Chaitanya S. (“Chet”) Tambe of Avion Technology was recognized as one of the “30 Most Talented Leaders’ at the Asia BPO Summit held at Taj Lands End, Mumbai, on February 14, 2013. This award was instituted to recognize and award the 30 most talented leaders within the Indian IT Industry.

We Have Moved to a New Office!

We are very excited to announce that we have recently moved to a new office at Golf Corporate Center in Arlington Heights, IL which one of the prime locations in Schaumburg. It has been an exciting six years for Avion and we look at this new location as the start of another chapter in our history.

Our aim is to go ‘beyond expectations’ in everything we do, create and deliver.