WordPress A Tried And Tested Platform

Another wonderful read found Another wonderful read found by AVion Technology by Charuka Abhayawickrama

One platform that has taken the Internet by storm is undeniably WordPress. This open source content management system has established a strong foothold especially amongst bloggers many of whom swear by it which has catapulted to the number one blogging platform.

A strong feature of WordPress is the template aspect which features what are known as widgets. This allows even novice users to make changes to their site or blog without needing to have any knowledge about the PHP or HTML that powers the entire system. Themes which dictate the final look of the site can also be downloaded and installed with ease giving further customisation.

Other features include search engine friendly urls, a neat and clean permalink structure. But perhaps the strongest feature of all is the fact that it is extremely easy to use and yet delivers highly professional visuals.

Installation and setup is fairly straightforward allowing just about anyone to get up and running quickly. While the default out of the box setup is designed to be run as a blog, WordPress is actually capable of far more. For those with knowledge of both PHP and HTML just about anything is possible. Users can customize just about any aspect of the site from the design to more advanced features.
Another wonderful read found by Charuka Abhayawickrama

Even better are the immense range of plugins that are available on the Internet, many of which are completely free. These can add a staggering range of functionality including social media buttons, contact forms and just about any other functionality that anyone has thought of and developed.

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